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Welcome to the

northampton Band


mrs. emery

Lehigh Township and Col. John Siegfried Elementary Schools


mr. baer

Moore Township and George Wolf Elementary Schools

Hi Everyone!    


   Right now, you are under the amazing teachings of Mrs. Dungan, Mrs. Brindle, Mrs. Hageman or Mr. Fister in music class, and possibly Miss Lischner or Mrs. Young in Orchestra.


Now it is time to meet us!

   The Band Staff includes Mr. Baer and Mrs. Emery! Most of you have seen us in the hall, during a concert, as your substitute teacher, as an aide, as a lunch lady; Band is our specialty, and what we know best! If you think we are fun in the subjects we are covering for a day, think about the fun we will have together in something we have done our entire life!


We could tell you all our accomplishments but the only important accomplishment we do every year is teach you!

Click on the music notes below to learn more about the Band program, how to get registered and how we're going to have fun learning instruments online (for now)!

meet the instruments!


alto saxophone




tenor saxophone


combo snare/bell kit

found your instrument match?

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